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  • Amanda has an exciting new service that she offers. On the first Thursday of each month she conducts a free teleseminar where she does healing around specific topics. To find out more sign up on
  • Electromagnetic protection devices are becoming a necessity in our everyday world, where each person is surrounded by EMF's from their own devices, never mind their neighbours and friends. I have found a wonderful website that has many different options to help harmonise the energy around you.
  • Ann Parker and Sandie Lovell have put together a course that allows practitioners to work at a deeper level with the channels of energy that run through the body. Visit their website for more information.
  • Member of Find A, where you can find many practitioners of different disciplines, that you know have all reached a certain standard of Profesionalism.
  • A helpful guide which covers the link between menstrual cycles and mental health and how mood, sleep, and energy levels are affected during periods. Understanding premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and its more severe form premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) - their physical and emotional effects, what to look out for, and how PMS and PMDD symptoms mimic other mental health conditions. Useful self-care tips and wellbeing advice during your cycle - how the right diet, exercise, emotional and stress management practices help, and other useful advice and resources for women.
  • The official HKUK website that informs you about HK.
  • A wonderful place to buy your health products from, in order to buy from there you will need to put Amanda Brooks in as your practitioner, here is a link to their website.
  • This website has many products that are designed to help you and your family in dealing with WiFi, ElectroMagnetic Fields, Smart Meters and 5G energy disturbances. I have some of their products in my home and office, as do most of my family members!
  • My colleague, Carole Love, has trained in this discipline and has performed many amazing Gong Baths for me and groups of people all over teh Cotswolds. She has a natural affinity with the gongs and sound that emits from all parts of her being as she works with you. For more information contact Carole on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07766 562 400.
  • A helpful guide which covers important topics such as: • Understanding "male menopause" - separating facts from fiction, and why it can be misleading (and harmful) to group the different changes and conditions affecting men as they age under this label. • The physical and emotional changes associated with male menopause why men should always seek a proper medical diagnosis for said symptoms. • The effect on men’s mental wellbeing - from memory loss and lowered libido to secondary effects like fatigue, insomnia, and irrationality - and their impact on daily life. • Helpful tips and advice for managing symptoms, lifestyle changes and treatments that can help, and other useful information.
  • This is an excellent book that focuses on reasons why diets don’t work, what you may be holding onto emotionally that prevents you from liking who you are. It looks at you as an individual and not just what you eat, there are so many self-help tools in there I would suggest buying it as a paperback so you can refer back to it with ease!
  • 'After working in a health food shop for 4 years & witnessing the amazing miracles & transformations that occur when people put the right food in their bodies and cut out acidic, low nutrients foods, I was completely compelled to write down everything I knew & had learned. The Vegan Build was originally written for the amazing CUSTOM design & build team, my partners vegan company of 20 strong hardworking vegan builders. We wanted to make cooking & eating really simple but at the same time healthy, nourishing & delicious. All of the recipes are alkaline, free from sugar, gluten & dairy. They are all super easy to cook & packed with flavour. You’ll find great nutritional information, vitamin charts, protein calculators, acid to alkaline lists... Everything you need to build a lighter life.'
  • This is a wonderful therapy which invites you to dive deeper into that voice you might have forgotten but your soul remembers. Using the voice makes us happy, alive and exhilarated. It touches us in places we haven't visited before, as the voice contains so many untapped potentials. Any part of a person which is out of balance (experienced as pain, fatigue, distress or hurt) can respond effectively to healing with sound. The voice is your natural source of power and wisdom that longs to be explored and experienced with trust self-love and patience.

How to Stay Active and Healthy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Stephanie Haywood of My Life Boost has put together a handy page of tools to help you look after yourselves during these times, whether you can get outdoors or not, she has included healthy eating and self-care information too!

Here is a downloadable sheet with links to various exercises, food choices, self-care - all the resources that may help you on your journey through these extraordinary times!

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