MP3's For Your Well Being

Amanda Brooks MP3Welcome to this new page on my website where over the coming months there will be various energy tools available for you to buy and either listen to or use either as an adjunctive to the work we do together or as stand alones to help you deal with certain life events.

Enhanced Healing After Session - MP3

This free MP3 is designed to be used a week after working with myself, the purpose is to stimulate the energy work we have done to work at an even deeper level. Some clients like to listen to it twice a week following working with me and others just once a month, use it as you feel inclined, each listen will enhance the work we have done togther.

If you have suggestions for further MP3s please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I'm just writing to say thank you. Since the last remote session I am feeling like me again. The dark fog has lifted! You really are amazing. I can not believe the difference. You would think by now I would be use to it, but every time i'm still blown away by how much of a difference you make. 100 times thank you.

B.J. - Brighton, UK