Amanda Brooks

D.C., B.Sc (Chiro), Dip M.E.S.K., M.F.H.T., C.B.C.P. (Body/Emotion Code Practitioner)

Amanda came into Kinesiology in 1993 from a background of practitioner and teacher of McTimoney-Corley chiropractic. She has a wealth of teaching experience and knowledge behind her and taught Kinesiology since 1996 until 2013.

Amanda won an FHT Excellence in Education for her teaching. Article published in International Therapists October 2013 on Amanda

In 2013 Amanda trained and became certified as an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner.

She uses her training as a Chiropractor alongside the kinesiology and the Body Code to work with clients, helping her to look at things from different angles.

Amanda believes that if every aspect of your life is brought into balance, that is, your nutritional, physical, emotional, psychological aspects and on top of this your home then you can live life with much fewer stresses and get on with just enjoying each moment of each day!  

Amanda was Head of Health Kinesiology (now known as Natural BioEnergetics) from 2007-2012 in the UK and the Head of International Health Kinesiology Training and resigned from these positions so she could concentrate on her clients and family.


  • E.S - UK

    Words can’t express how much I appreciate your help. This has truly helped me to finally live my life without a second thought to w***y and a*****y, which has hung over me for so long. The change I feel is amazing and has been noticed by others. I am such much happier and am able to keep everything in perspective. I am not more self-assured and confident within myself. I would recommend this to anyone who is having problems, and don’t wait around! Wish I did this sooner.

    A massive thank you for all your help

  • LG - UK

    "I tried the 'Being in the moment' energy wristband and noticed my thoughts and emotions calm significantly.  I even managed to enjoy that weekend I'd been so worried about. Thank you so much Amanda, this energy band really helped me through a difficult time."
  • L.R - Oxfordshire, UK

    "Wow!  After wearing the 'Abundance' energy wrist band for only a couple of days, the doors to new opportunities are finally opening....the calls have come, the options are presenting themselves and I feel excited about what will come my way next!  Thank you, thank you!"
  • Lisa.R. - Oxfordshire, UK

    Lent my band to my Mum who has been wearing the lilac band since the weekend, and she said that despite all the worries and concerns about the move, and lots of stress at work, that she has noticed that she feels much more positive and that things are going to come together.

    Lisa.R - Oxfordshire, UK

  • B.J. - Brighton, UK

    I'm just writing to say thank you. Since the last remote session I am feeling like me again. The dark fog has lifted! You really are amazing. I can not believe the difference. You would think by now I would be use to it, but every time i'm still blown away by how much of a difference you make. 100 times thank you.

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