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What Happens in a Session?

Treatment couchEach person is an individual and the one thing I love about HK is that this allows me to acknowledge this! A case history is taken on the initial consultation, which allows me to learn more about you. If you are a parent then the please use this case history form for your child.

You are then asked to lay on a therapy couch, fully clothed and shown what muscle testing entails.

From here on in the session is tailor made for you, through careful questioning and monitoring of muscle responses we identify work required. 

This may be in a form of a word, expression or sentence that you may need to think or feel, it could involve placing a magnet or essence on you, smelling an essential oil, or placing your hands over sites of discomfort, etc whilst reflex points are held.

Explanation is given throughout the session, and there is plenty of time to ask questions within the session. Occasionally homework is given, no don't worry, it might be to have rest at a specific time of day, to say an affirmation, or to increase activities that are fun. The idea is that nothing should stress you and that includes the session!

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"Hello Amanda – thought I’d make contact with an update for you, because it must be important to you to hear of what happens to your clients. It’s been very subtle, yet I am aware of some profound changes. I seem to have been able to re-visit my relationships with my parents, and other issues from childhood, and resolve them. In fact, a most interesting result has been that I can remember things from long, long ago, which I had forgotten, and resolve them from a ‘now’ perspective. The most important thing my was my writing – and while it has taken a while, because it was obviously a deeply buried problem – it is over. It is progressing now, just as I’d hoped. It’s been a gradual process, but I am aware that you have been instrumental in it, so I’d like to thank you once again."
J.S.T. - Oxford