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Please right click on the relevant document, download, complete and either email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

or bring with you to your appointment or post to 47 Bucknell Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 2DE.

Online Booking Schedule

For ease you can now book online at Amanda's online diary where you will be able to see what appointments are available, book and receive confirmation quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is not available for the Milton, Oxfordshire Clinic.

For all of you over the age of 16 please complete this prior to your session to ensure that you make the most of your time with Amanda.

Parents/Guardians please complete this prior to the session for your child/ward, to ensure that you make the most of the session with Amanda.

Please complete this if you are investing in having your home rebalanced energetically by Amanda.

Information on The Tutor of the Year Award that Amanda won on her final year of teaching in 2013.

An interview by the Federation of Holistic Therapists where Amanda discusses what she believes makes a good tutor of Helath Kinesiology.

Energy toning movements to improve the flow of energy through your meridian system.

Energy toning movements, with diagrams, to improve the flow of energy through your meridian system.

A wonderful self-help tool to release you from any of those limiting belief systems that you may be carrying.


My sister is 81 years old and suffers from osteoporosis mainly in her hips. She also has learning difficulties and I am her carer. She was in great pain and barely able to walk and Doctors suggested she have an operation. Because of her age and mental condition I didn't want to put her through all that this would entail, so as a last resort I decided to give her the minerals. She was taking them for about three weeks and not only was she not complaining so much about the pain, but it seemed that her brain was being re-stimulated and she wanted to read all the time. She only had about two years schooling and that was 73 years ago. Her mental health doctor came to visit and was absolutely amazed at the change in her. People of her age do not usually have the motivation to do something like that. Her reading age is about a 7-8 yrs old but it is steadily improving since she is reading every day.........Who knows if she had been diagnosed many years ago as having a mineral deficiency what she could have achieved.