NES Remote Scanning

Exciting new developments mean that you can now do a remote scan from the comfort of your own home. The only thing you need to do is buy a scanner (approximately £150) and download some software and then you will are good to go!

The beauty of this is that your scans are done when it is the right time for you, no travel costs are involved in attending the clinic and existing clients who use this system absolutely love it.

Once a scan is completed then it is automatically sent to my computer, we then arrange an appointment to go through the scan via Skype or over the phone, any infoceuticals you require are then ordered and sent straight to your home (usually within 48 hours Monday-Friday) and you can then start the program.

The cost of the phone/Skype appointment is £65 and the infoceuticals are £22 each, however, with no travel costs involved the scanner soon pays for itself. The other wonderful thing about the scanner is that other members of your family or even friends can also use it to help them identify imbalances in their energy field.

I have many clients that travel from Scotland, Hull, London and Cornwall for these scans and already they are saving themselves money. This new technology now means you can be anywhere in the world and be able to use this amazing program.

The thing I love about NES is that the team use extensive research before producing any of their products so I can relax in the knowledge that the technology that I use is safe, effective and economical.

You may wish to have a one or two hour session, once you have decided how long you wish your appointment to be use the links below to make an appointment directly and email Amanda to let her know this will be a phone/Skype session:-

One hour appointment

Two hour appointment

For scientific papers from NES Health visit their site.

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