Nutri-Energetics System

The Nutri-Energetics system is based on discoveries made by Biophysics scientists over the last hundred years and in particular the work of Peter Fraser and Harry Massey. These scientists have been motivated to find a comprehensive explanation to biological life and fill in the many holes of the conventional chemical model of the human being. We are, after all, far more than just a collection of chemicals.

This first video gives a very simple, easy to understand explanation of NES

The Nutri-Energetics Program is in two parts:
  • 1.
    The wellness evaluation  simply involves resting a hand on a palm sized body-field scanner, which, in a matter of seconds automatically assesses the body-field, noting its distortions and blockages. The results from this completely safe and non-invasive process are instantly displayed on a computer screen and give integrity readings relating to amongst other things:
  • Body organs
  • Digestive system
  • Emotional balance
  • Acupuncture meridians
  • Environmental toxins
  • Joint issues
  • Nervous system
  • Nutritional status
  • Body tissues

  • 2.
    The health program offers a safe, natural and convenient way of clearing issues identified in the evaluation. The program reviews the evaluation results and determines which body field corrective drops, known as Infoceuticals, are required to harmonize your personal body field and promote your well-being.

NES Animated

Watch this 3 minute video to see a very simple and easy to understand explanation of NES.

By working at this deep holistic level the body's innate healing intelligence is used to bring about naturally, a positive change in wellness and vitality at a physical, mental and emotional level. For more information and research papers visit the NES website.

The cost and duration:
Infoceuticals are £22 each.
Scan: £65 each session is approximately 1 hour although some find it helpful to have a 2 hour appointment (£125) so we can do some other energy work at the same time.

Once you have decided how long you wish your appointment to be use the links below to make an appointment directly:-

One hour appointment

Two hour appointment

Please complete a Client Questionnaire Website prior to attending and bring with you.

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NEW** Remote Scans NEW**

Exciting new developments mean that you can now do a remote scan from the comfort of your own home. The only thing you need to do is buy a scanner (approximately £150) and download some software and then you will be good to go! For more information Click Here.

For an in depth 14 minute video on the NES system
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