Healthy Home Dowser

House clearing, also called space clearing or geomancy, works on your environment to make it a better space for you, your family, your pets and plants.

We often feel under par and are looking at ways to make ourselves feel and look better and we often forget about where we spend a good deal of time which is at home!

By keeping the home environment healthy we give our bodies a much better chance to combat other energies that knock our energy system and therefore result in us feeling unwell.

I have been interested in how and where we live affects our well-being for many years and first attended a course in 1993 on this subject and continue to this date to attend new classes and to keep up wth the ever changing world around us.

Dowsing - how does it work ?

Most people readily associate dowsing with finding water! However you can use dowsing rods and pendulums for so much more including chakra balancing, archaeology, alchemy, finding hidden artefacts and minerals, spirits etc.

No one has yet been able to fully describe how or why dowsing works! Certainly both the right and left hand sides of the brain are used, the intellect (left) to frame and ask the questions, the intuitive (right) to gain the answers.

Further explanations include channelling universal energies, our internal sensory systems picking up electrical currents that then move the wrists due to involuntary stimuli of the muscles, external forces moving the rods, the subconscious mind taking over etc.

Maybe it is all or just some of these factors that come into play making dowsing such a useful, unique and wonderful healing medium.

What I Need From You...

Send me a drawing of your home, this heightens the intent and enables me to work in greater detail and depth.

I will need your full name (and any family members), address and postal code as well as a plan/sketch showing all floors.

A tailor-made healing is then undertaken by myself to balance out the energies, occasionally you may need to buy some crystals or energy balancers for the house. This is all put in an email to you.

Feedback is so important and I ask you to be in regular email contact with me during the healing.

You can either scan and email me your plans or put them in the post to 47 Bucknell Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 2DE, along with the attached Healthy House Questionnaire

I will endeavour to get back to you within 10 working days.

How will you feel ?

After the initial healing work has taken place I will be in close contact with you asking for feedback as some fine-tuning might be needed along the way.

Many of my clients have acknowledged that they have experienced an increased feeling of wellbeing and that the whole family has become a much closer unit after the energy healing.

"The house feels very different. It was always a big house but it never felt that way to me. Now it feels extremely spacious!!" remarked one client, and another remarks "The room feels fine now, and a day or two after hearing from you I woke up feeling more positive about the day than I'd been doing".

Many have also experienced the need to de-clutter, redecorate and to reasses their lives.

Clearing your home helps you to step into your own space and realise your dreams a little more clearly!

The cost for this service (from a property the size of a flat up to a 4 bedroom house) is usually £430, but if your payment, Healthy House Questionnaire and house plans are with me by 31st December 2022 then you only pay £260. For houses larger than this please contact me so we can discuss the property.

To help with the house energy clearing the occupants may wish to have energy work done on themselves as well – if you are interested in that then there is a 10% discount on the individual sessions for the first 6 months following the house energy balancing.  
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