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Health Kinesiology Consultations

KinesiologyEach Health Kinesiology session is 55 minutes long
Adults: £65.00 and follow ups are £60 Client Personal History

Children up to 18: £55.00 Under 16's Case History
(Their sessions can be 45-55 minutes.)

On average a person can require 2-4 sessions, although there are no hard and set rules, this is discussed within the initial session.

Follow this link for access to my diary for an appointment.

One thing some clients have reported finding beneficial is to calendar in 6 appointments over 6 months - this allows them to be focussed on their issues and allows them to be supported whilst they move forward with their goals. If you wish to do this then there is a 50% discount on the 6th session.

Remember when we work together you are investing in yourself and your future.

Please complete an appropriate case history form as above prior to attending and bring with you.

You can pay by cheque, credit card or cash.

48 hour strict cancellation policy is in place.


"Hello Amanda – thought I’d make contact with an update for you, because it must be important to you to hear of what happens to your clients. It’s been very subtle, yet I am aware of some profound changes. I seem to have been able to re-visit my relationships with my parents, and other issues from childhood, and resolve them. In fact, a most interesting result has been that I can remember things from long, long ago, which I had forgotten, and resolve them from a ‘now’ perspective. The most important thing my was my writing – and while it has taken a while, because it was obviously a deeply buried problem – it is over. It is progressing now, just as I’d hoped. It’s been a gradual process, but I am aware that you have been instrumental in it, so I’d like to thank you once again."
J.S.T. - Oxford