The Body Code

It is Dr Nelson's belief that all health issues fall under 6 categories of energectic imbalances that are covered in The Body Code System.

  • Circuitry - The organs, glands and muscles that make up our physical body.
  • Energetic - These are generally trapped emotions.
  • Pathogens - Fungal, Bacterial, Viral, mould and Parasites.
  • Nutritional - The food we eat, including herbs and nutrients.
  • Structural - The bones, nerves, and connective tissue.
  • Toxicity - Heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals and other environmental toxins.

It is his opinion that every health issue that we face can be traced to an imbalance in one of these 6 areas ... and that is why The Body Code System is so powerful. It uses the power of the Subconscious Mind in tandem with The Body Code Mind Maps to quickly pinpoint and correct these energy imbalances. Watch this animated 11 minute video on the Body Code made by Charan Surdar.

We can do this work either over Zoom, the phone or completely remotely. To book an appointment with myself please click here choosing the option that works best for you - each way is equally effective.

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