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Health Kinesiology (HK)

Health KinesiologyIs a therapy that uses muscle testing to work with clients and to support them whilst they move forward in their day-to-day life.

With each decision in our day the choices we make move us onto our next step, but due to everyday stress, illness, shocks (minor or major) our body can forget to file our everyday experiences correctly. Then next time we come across a similar experience our body checks what happened last time and can either build upon a good experience or a bad one! This sounds very simple and in truth it is that simple, this is why we sometimes don't have an answer for why we feel down, out of balance or just unmotivated.

Have you ever wondered what happened to that spring in your step or the ability to just enjoy the simple things in life?

Health Kinesiology using muscle testing works with you to help in whatever way your system needs. Most of my clients report that they have 'Joy Back In Their Life', even when they didn't realise it was missing!

For more information on Health Kinesiology please visit www.hk4health.co.uk or www.HK-Training.org


Lent my band to my Mum who has been wearing the lilac band since the weekend, and she said that despite all the worries and concerns about the move, and lots of stress at work, that she has noticed that she feels much more positive and that things are going to come together.

Lisa.R - Oxfordshire, UK